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Computer Chess Information and Resources

Computer Chess Information and Resources

This website is a product of a rather rash decision in mid 2008 to learn to program my own Chess Game, hence began my journey into the art of computer chess.  Over the last few years I have made some significant progress.  I have learned quite a bit about the art of Computer Chess and amazingly I managed to build an reasonably strong chess engine.  This website is dedicated to documenting the development of my Chess Game as well as the field of Computer Chess in general.

Recently I uploaded the source code to the Chess Bin engine to GitHub. It has been converted to .NET core and new version of .NET that is available on multiple platforms. I may from time to time update this version as new features in .NET core become available.

On this site you will find the following information:

Chess Engine Source Code

The index of all the computer chess blog posts documenting the development my chess engine, along with the source code and its explanation.

Chess Game For Windows

Free Windows Chess Game Download, based on the chess engine

Computer Chess Links

Computer Chess Links that I have collected over the course of my research. is created and maintained by Adam Berent. For more information visit