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ChessBin Chess is the product of all the research and source code I post on this website.  It contains many of the features found in a commercial chess playing program such as Save Games, Opening Book, FEN and PGN, with a more attractive price of free. 

New! Version current version of ChessBin Chess contains a PGN Viewer. 

ChessBin Chess allows you to play as white or black; it will flip the board when playing black. 

It supports standard chess rules such as:

All Tie Scenarios:

  • Three move repetition
  • 50 move
  • Insufficient Material

As well as all rules related to:

  • En passant
  • Castling

Click here for a list of ChessBin Chess Features. Chess Screenshot 

Download Version:

Download No Setup ChessBin Chess  (For computers with no internet connection)

Download WinBoard compatibe version (Command Line Only) 

Requires .NET Framework 2.0

Download Android Version

Recently I uploaded the source code to the Chess Bin engine to it has been converted to .NET core and new version of .NET that is available on multiple platforms.  I may from time to time update this version as new features in .NET core become available.